Curtain Zaz in Linen Feston Stitched


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To bring refinement and a slight touch of color, the front is decorated with festoon embroidery, handmade at home by our embroiderers.

This pan is fixed with clip rings.

We offer 13 colors of linen and 13 colors of embroidery (the colors of the linen).

Many combinations of linen and embroidery colors are available

If the site does not offer the desired combination, do not hesitate to contact us at

Timeless collection.

Dimensions: Pan 130 cm wide x 300 cm high

Composition: 100% linen

Machine wash at 30 C

Additional information

Linen color

Black Linen, Blue Denim Linen, Blue Majorelle Linen, Charcoal grey Linen, Lime green Linen, Off-White Linen, Peacock green Linen, Pearl Grey linen, Purple Linen, Rosewood Linen, Terracota Linen, Twine Linen, White Linen

Embroidery Colors

Charcoal grey, Black, Denim Blue, Lime Green, Majorelle Blue, Off- White, Peacock Green, Pearl Grey, Purple, Rosewood, Terracota, Twine, White